In the year 2002, the vision for the establishment of the a church in VGC was conceived by His Grace The Most Revd Dr. E. A. Ademowo Archbishop of the Ecclesiastical Provine of Lagos and Bishop of Lagos. The Reverend Yinka Akinlade as he was then (now The Rt. Revd Yinka Akinlade), was mandated to coordinate the actualization of this vision, he was then at Our Saviour’s Church, TBS.

The Inaugural meeting of the Church was held on 12th February, 2003 at the residence of Revd Akinlade. The following members were in attendance:

Revd & Mrs. Yinka Akinlade

Mrs. Lola Aluko

Mrs. Adunni Udu

Mr. & Mrs. Yomi Odewumi

Dr. & Mrs. O. A. Lalude

Mrs. F. A. Adegbola

Mr. Henry Macauley

Mr. J. D. Oroye

Ms Tokunbo Olu-Ibukun

Mrs. Margaret Obidike

Mr. I. S. Onyekwuluje

Mr. Soji Awogbade

Mrs. Funke Mayaki

The next meeting was held on 26th February with the addition of the following:

Mr. Uche Nwanguma

Mrs. Shade Odebiyi

Mr. Sam Igwe

Engr. Mrs. Ekwe

First service took place in the parlour of Revd Yinka Akinlade, on the evening of Sunday 2nd March 2003. As at that time, there was no other place to convene. The authorities in VGC would not allow religious activities. All attempts to secure any of the public places with the estate had failed. A decision was taken to start with evening service pending the time of securing a temporary place to worship. Eleven people were in attendance (Three Male, Eight Female) at the service lasted forty-five minutes.

Other Sunday evening services were held at the same location until 6th April when the church began to hold morning services (7:30am) at Peninsula Resort. The Archdeacon of Eti-Osa, Venerable R. Ayo Akinwale had informed the Vivar of the Chapel at Peninsula Resort, the owner of the resort Alhaji Ahmed Onibudo was approached and he agreed that the Church could share the place with The Redeemed Christian Church. The Archdeacon of Eti-Osa joined the Service on 13th July 2003. Midweek Communion Service (till 2010), Children’s Bible Club and women’s Bible Study held at the pioneer Vicar’s House.

The First meeting of the Church Committee took place on Wednesday, 23rd May 2003. Curing that meeting , Mrs. Funke Mayaki was nominated as Secretary, with Mr. Yomi Odewumi as Assistant Secretary. Mr. JoeOroye former Pastor’s Warden of Our Saviour’s Church as Treasurer. The Committee comprised the following:

Revd Yinka Akinlade (Chairman)

Dr. O. A. Lalude

Mr. B. Osuno

Mr. J. D. Oroye (Treasurer)

Mrs. Yetunde Adeyemo

Mr. Yomi Odewumo (Assistant Secretary)

Mrs. F. A. Adegbola

Mr. Henry Macaulay

Mr. Uche Nwanguma

Mr. Sam Igwe

Ms. Catherine Unuigbe

Mrs. Funke Mayaki (Secretary)

On Sunday the 12th of October, 2003, a Commitment service was held, to create awearness of the existence of the Church and raise funds. The preacher was Rev. (Dr.) Segun Agbetuyi, and the chairman of the Occasion was Mr. Allison Ayida.

Shortly after this, the first combined Harvest was held on Sunday, the 23rd of November, 2003. The Harvest Planning Committee comprised all the women of the church, and it was co-ordinated by Mrs, Lola Odewunmi. The chairman was Mr. Tolu Odebiyi.

The first Church retreat was held on 17th January, 2004, and the retreat master was Revd Prof. Dayo Ejiwunmi. The theme taken from Genesis 12 vs 1, was ‘Come, and I will show you’ and the venue was Eko Tourist Beach resort, Akodo.

Later that year, the church was recognized as a parish, and given the name ‘Anglican Church on the Peninsula’ by the Archbishop. (Later in 2005, the PCC agreed to adopt the acronym ANCOPEN for the church)

In August 2004, the Choir was formally established with Dr. F.C.A. Akanbi as Choir Master and Mr. ‘Sola Fadiran as the Organist.

On Sunday the 7th of November 2004, the first confirmation service was held in the church by His Grace, The Most Revd Dr. E. A. Ademowo.

During the vestry meeting of February, 2006, the first Parish Church Council was established, and the members held their first meeting on the 28th of March, 2006.

On 17th of December, 2006, the Foundation Laying Ceremony for ANCOPEN was conducted with a Cpnfirmation service at the permanent site in Trojan Estate by His Grace, The Most Revd Dr. E. A. Ademowo OON, PHD. FNAL.

By this time, the place of worship at Peninsula Resort was getting too small for the growth of the church, and the officials of the Resort were apparently no longer as friendly as before. Even though the foundation Laying Ceremony had been held, it was obvious that Peninsula Resort would not remain conducive for ANCOPEN’s activities by the time the church building would be completed. Some people started canvassing the idea of getting an alternative place of worship pending the completion of the Church, but others felt that would be diverting attention from the main objective of completing the Church, and that it would be unnecessary dissipation of the funds that ANCOPEN had been conserving for the Church. The PCC therefore rejected the idea of engaging in any new land acquisition and build ventures. Consequently, some parishioners took if upon themselves to quickly put up a structure withon the VGC, that could be made available on rental basis to ANCOPEN, as an alternative to Peninsula Resort. As the project, PENHALL , progressed, the PCC modified its position and decided to take up some intrest in the project so as to give it a voice and some priorty in sevuring the use of the new facility when completed. The project was completed in 2010, and ANCOPEN effectively relocated to PENHALL with effect from 14th February 2010.

On February 14th 2010, ANCOPEN had the inaugural opening ceremony of PENHALL Building, this coincided with the 40th birthday of Mrs. Nkechi Akinlade. From that moment, PENHALL became the place of worship and the Church office was located there. Confirmation service was held at ANCOPEN in 2011.

ANCOPEN became the headquarters of an archdeaconry with the creation of Lagoon Archdeaconry on the 8th of December 2011, which saw the transfer of Revd CanonAkinlade, while Venerable Jide Adebayo, was appointed as Vicar/Archdeacon ; he assumed duties on the 30th of December 2011.

Lagoon Archdeaconry was formerly inaugurated by His Grace, The Most Revd Dr. E. A. Ademowo Archbishop of the Ecclesiastical Province of Lagos and The Bishop of Lagos on the 10th of March 2012 with the Headquarter located at ANCOPEN. Membership has grown from 12 people who attented the first service to an average of 572 worshippers now every Sunday. Prior to the Commitement service, there was an average of 25 worshippers at Sunday Service.

Currently, On Sundays, the Church holds two services in the morning, 7:15am & 9:15am and Bible study at 8:15am with Evensong at 6:30pm. The following programmes hold weekly: Midweek Communion, Midweek Prayer & Fasting Service, Women’s Bible Study & Fellowship, Choir Practice & Evangelical Fellowship, Young Professionals Leagues, Once every month the Church holds the fellowship – Every Third Saturday of the month, Mother’s Union Fellowship – Every Third Saturday, All Mothers’ Intercessory Hour – Every fouth Saturday, Time of Refreshment – Every first day of the Month, and Vigil every last Friday of the Month.

In January 2013, necessary approval were obtained for the relevant authorities, and in April work was commenced on the conctruction of a Church for ANCOPEN on its permanent site within TROJAN estate of Royal Gardens.

To the Glory of God, ANCOPEN was 10 years in February 2013. Special appreciation to all those who have been part of the success story so far, particularly the founding Vicar and his wife, Venerable Yinka & Mrs. Nkechi Akinlade (Now Thr Rt. Revd Yinka & Mrs. Nkechi Akinlade). May